You’ve heard the story before: man/woman quits grueling and underpaid 9-to-5 job to become an online instructor/millionaire. So you follow in said person’s footsteps, upload amazing content for the world to consume — and crickets.

The reality? Creating amazing eLearning content is just the first step to building a successful career and solidifying a solid income. The good news is that working with StackCommerce can help you fast-track your way to your dream paycheck and all you have to do is join the platform — no upfront fees required. 

But why tell you when we can show you? Here are five ways working with StackCommerce will transform you from eLearning newbie to superstar in just a few months.


1. Gain Exposure & PR On The Top Media Sites In The World

Just because you create a course, doesn’t mean that students will be able to find it. Take this case study: Sam has worked in sales his entire life, so he creates an amazingly detailed course divulging all the hidden secrets of being successful at sales. Sam puts the course on some of the top Learning Management Systems (LMS) around. He gets a few sales in the first month, but then they start to fizzle off. Where does he go from there? 

StackCommerce is where. Sam puts his course on the platform and slaps on a great discount, too. The course is then featured in articles published on some of StackCommerce’s top partner sites: Entrepreneur, NBC News, and Mashable (to name a few). 

Project management course article on

Not only do the sales start rolling in, but when Sam Googles his course, the top search results are coming from a slew of respected online publishers. What does this mean for Sam? Not only clout as an online instructor in his field, but a good chunk of money to put towards producing his next course.

The exposure provided by StackCommerce’s network is unmatched by any other competing solution. Not only do you get immediate access to a network of 500MM + readers and customers, but you get featured by publishers who would typically charge thousands for a placement (if they offer it at all). On top of that, your course will be live in 200+ publisher-branded shops in one click. Rather than taking the time to put your courses up on multiple marketplaces, StackCommerce makes it easy to get distribution and get it fast.

Need more proof? Check out this testimonial from StackCommerce instructor John Shea:

Before using StackCommerce I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to market many of my courses all at once. They provided a unique approach to using bundles and exposure through some of the largest websites online. I have been selling my courses now on StackCommerce for over 2 years.  

2. Get Your Course Included In Top-Selling Bundles

As John began to explain above, bundles are another offering unique to StackCommerce. Not only will you be able to promote your individual courses, but you will have the opportunity to build you own bundle or get included in a bundle with other instructors.

What is a bundle and why is it beneficial to your business success? Great question. A bundle is a grouping of courses that when paired together provides a more holistic or well-rounded educational experience. Rather than just focus on coding with Python, a bundle may offer coding courses on a multitude of languages. Or rather than just focusing on beginner web design, a bundle may cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced coursework.

Adobe Bundle as seen in the Mashable Shop

For the customer, this provides a great value as they can typically save on the cost of buying courses individually. For the instructor, it gives you the opportunity to package your courses in a unique way — or if you are included in a bundle with other instructors, you’ll get an additional source of incremental revenue.


3. Access StackCommerce’s In-House Performance Marketing Team

How can you continue to reach customers even after an article leaves a publisher’s homepage? Two words: paid marketing. Our expert team of paid marketers will work to re-circulate your featured articles to similar audiences using tools like Facebook ads and Google ads.

Marketing course article Facebook ad for

Thanks to the flexible StackCommerce revenue share model, you won’t even need to put money down to get started. Zero upfront cost, and zero agency fees to get access to a world class marketing team.

4. Earn Incremental Revenue With Zero Risk

We all want to get rich quick, but it’s the long tail incremental revenue that will keep your business afloat. With StackCommerce, you can build an entirely new revenue stream with courses you’ve already filmed. The work is already done on your end! Now sit back and let us do the heavy lifting — just be sure to keep your content up-to-date so the customers keep coming back!

Pretty soon you’ll be making thousands as you relax with a margarita on yet another trip to paradise. One of our top instructors, Chris Haroun, has generated over $87,000 on the StackCommerce platform, with over 50 articles featuring his courses. Here he is reflecting on his experience:

“Partnering with StackCommerce has been a game changer for our company as StackCommerce has helped to take our business to the next level by providing us with access to selling our courses on the online stores of many of the top media companies in the world!”

5. Provide a World-Class Learning Experience

Last but not least, StackCommerce is here to help make your dreams as an online instructor come true. With 10+ years of experience and data in the online learning industry, we know how to bring out the best in what you have to offer. We make the marketing part easy so you can focus on what you do best: creating great courses to help students everywhere live out their dreams. 

We can all learn from your expertise. Teaching others changes lives, changes careers, and ultimately changes the world around us. Good luck creating your courses, and remember to share your unique gifts and personality. Then head back to StackCommerce to take it to the next level.

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