Introducing the latest feature for StackCommerce vendors: Batch Snapshots!

Batch Snapshots are the best way to get a quick view of what items are in a batch of orders without having to download it. But it also helps out our users! Here’s how…

When a vendor downloads a batch:

–Customers are no longer able to edit their shipping address
–Our Support team cannot refund an order without contacting vendors directly

In order to assist our customers through every step of their order, it’s especially important that vendors download batches only when they are 100% ready to ship. Batch Snapshots allow vendors to see an overview of the items before they’re ready to ship, so vendors can see how many of each item to prepare without preventing last minute address changes or refunds.

Vendors and customers are two crucial anchors to the StackCommerce family, without which we couldn’t surface such great products to a worldwide community. We’re excited to add this functionality to increase visibility for vendors, and add flexibility for customers! Check it out on your dashboard today.

– Stack Product Team