One of the things I love most about my job as CEO of Creative Commons is getting to know our supporters. CC draws a community that is creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and truly collaborative. And so I was particularly excited to learn of the generous offer from StackSocial to contribute 10% of price-select bundle sales to Creative Commons and to have an opportunity to connect with the company and team over these last many months. We are of course thrilled to put these essential funds to use furthering CC’s mission and programs, and beyond that we recognize the importance of our aligned efforts and values, and the work we’ll be able to accomplish together that we couldn’t otherwise. All of us at CC are excited about this partnership to help support creators and publishers around the world. We want to say thank you, and to share a bit more the great work that you are enabling through your purchase with StackSocial and your support for CC.

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization at the center of a high-profile, international movement to promote sharing of creativity and knowledge. Our goal is to help realize the full potential of the Internet—universal access to research and education, full participation in culture—to drive a new era of development growth, and productivity. CC provides the well-known suite of licenses (nearly 1 billion CC licenses in use across 9 million websites) that have become the global standard used by leading companies, institutions and individuals across culture, education, government, science, and more to promote digital collaboration and innovation.

The CC licenses are everywhere, making it easy for anyone to use and re-use content. For example, CC licenses help the world gain access to NASA’s most iconic images from space, help educators create curriculum that will bring down the cost of college for everyone, and allow scientists to freely share their work with medical professionals around the world as they did when they identified the strain of Ebola in West Africa. CC also works with foundations and governments to ensure that when they fund new content, like research and educational materials, those materials are made available for us to freely use, share, and improve. If you’re eager for more, our State of the Commons report provides a snapshot of our success.

What does all this mean for StackCommerce? Donations made through the platform are helping to support millions of creators and collaborators every day. And by inviting customers to support Creative Commons through their purchases, StackCommerce is building a community of content producers and publishers who share our values and who can join us in leading this global movement.Creative Commons is proud to have StackCommerce as an ongoing supporter of our work, and we hope all of you are as excited as we are about your contribution to building a more creative, free, and open internet with every purchase you make through StackSocial.

With thanks,

Ryan Merkley
CEO, Creative Commons