August was a mobile month here at StackCommerce, and it’s no secret why. Over the past two months, mobile traffic has amounted for close to half of the total traffic driven by our publishers. It’s clear readers are turning to their phones and tablets to peruse the web’s best publishers, and even shop for new exciting products.

That’s why we’ve been working diligently to continuously improve the small screen native commerce experience. Read on to explore our most recent mobile-centric product improvements, new checkout updates, and much more.

New Look: Sale Pages


Our sale page got a few exciting updates, including a facelift optimized for our mobile friends. You may also notice some changes with our variant boxes including: clearer options for an improved user experience and publisher-branded highlighting (publishers can choose the color based on their brand guidelines).

We’re constantly working to allow publishers to further customize their Shop’s look, and branded variant highlighting and Wishlist text customization are two exciting improvements on that front. Here are a few more noteworthy sale page tweaks:

  • New easy-to-read tabbed layout for description, specs & terms
  • Breadcrumb improvements for seamless browsing
  • ‘Newest Sales’ module optimized for better exposure

New Look: Sliding Cart


Our users will now enjoy a smoother, cleaner cart experience — which looks especially great on mobile! The new design, that slides from the right, is optimized to reveal more deals and better entice customers into adding to their carts. This update came alongside a slew of post-checkout upsell features that are sure to keep the cash flowing.

Sale Performance Data


You asked. We listened. Publishers can now see individual product performance earnings by clicking on any sale in the Earnings section. You can even use the graph function to see product earnings across specific date ranges.

Checkout Flow

Thanks to this recent update, city and state will automatically populate after a zip code is entered by a customer. This small tweak has already resulted in a 2% increase in conversion!


Last month we released a function to allow customer credits to be issued, which means there are many exciting marketing opportunities in the pipeline! Look forward to a customer loyalty program, special emails, personalized customer product recommendations, and more marketing campaigns.