Summer may be in full swing, but not even perfect beach weather can slow down our Product & Engineering Team. As a company, we’re constantly working to bring our publishers the best functionality and tools for maximizing revenue. We know commerce plays second fiddle to the everyday journalistic grind, so it’s our mission to make monetization as simple and effective as possible. This month is no exception, and we’ve launched not one but THREE tools worth cheering about.


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Upsell Feature

Our brand new upsell tool is not only beautiful, but delivers yet another passive revenue stream to our partners. Rather than disrupt the normal checkout flow, our upsell feature lives on the confirmation screen. Once users complete their purchases, they’ll be greeted with amazing products recommended by our intelligent algorithm.

  • Quick & Easy Checkout: doesn’t require users to reenter billing information
  • Extra Incentive: includes a discount on upsell times
  • Lifetime Customers: turns a one-time purchaser into a repeat purchaser


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Wishlist Feature

Thanks to this highly anticipated feature, users can now add products to their very own Wishlists! Not only does this make for happy users, but for more data on what they really want to see.

Since launching this product in early July, over 9,000 deals have been added to Wishlists. From there, added deals are converting at an impressive 12% rate. Look out for future Wishlist integrations in the form of email reminders, product recommendations, and beyond…


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.13.20 AM 

New & Improved: Partner Dashboard

We understand that to our partners—the Dashboard is your lifeline. That’s why this month we’ve launched a slew of updates that will make working with us even easier.

  • New Earnings Tab: view consolidated sales earnings in one user-friendly place
  • Payment Processing Column: always know when your next payment is coming!
  • Total Items Sold Column: easily view total items sold, refunds & net items sold
  • Monthly Statements: filter by month & download your statements anytime
  • Advanced Sorting: view your data YOUR way; sort by name, total items sold, refunds, earnings & more

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Speak with your Account Managers and share your thoughts!