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One of our most popular categories is eLearning. Our redemption platform, StackSkills, is where all our students go to access their course content, connect with their instructor, and engage with other students in the community. Our old redemption process was complicated, so we decided to simplify. Previously, we provided students with license codes and a redemption link that they would follow. This process required the student to setup an account, then go through a series of steps to redeem their code and unlock the course. It also created other potential complications, like sold out or invalid redemption codes. We want this to be so easy that you don’t even have to think, so we connected the platform by implementing course automation.

No more redemption codes! Now, when a student purchases an eLearning course, it’s automatically added without the need for additional steps. Returning students can access their course immediately with one click! New users simply need to verify their account, then they’ll have instant access.

Another thing we’ve learned about our students is that they enjoy gifting courses, or purchasing them for other students or business colleagues. We’ve built in the ability for students to choose who the course goes to. An email will be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to redeem. Easy!

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What do you think are the best practices for online eLearning platforms? We’d love to hear your feedback!

-The Product Team